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We combat security-centric challenges across your full product lifecycle during manufacturing, logistics and service operations. Trust that your hardware and its components are secure, genuine, and tamper-free.

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Product safety is a moral responsibility. DUST enables users to access individual product sourcing, testing, and certification data on-demand and empowers stakeholders to exchange safety information across your value chain.

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Quality has a direct impact on your bottom line, and compromised parts cost money. DUST provides a data trail back to the moment of manufacture to give you the confidence that each individual part is made exactly to your specification.

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From arts and collectibles to luxury items, DUST ensures brand value and reputation isn't compromised by the insertion of counterfeits. Proven authenticity of products guards against false warranty claims and returns, non-compliant sourcing, and fraud.

We use tiny diamonds to protect big companies, products, and supply chains.

Collaborate with DUST and our growing ecosystem of global partners to enable end-to-end traceability in your supply chain. Make supply chain integrity a competitive advantage by harnessing the network effects of partnering with DUST.

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Our patented technology generates a unique fingerprint based on the position and orientation of the diamonds.
DUST Identity’s solution is strikingly innovative, yet straightforward.

A DUST scientist in a clean suit examines a particle sampling in a brightly lit lab. The DUST scanner is used to read a nanodiamond label from a circuit board.

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