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Learn about DUST Identity and how we use microscopic diamonds to help build trust in the supply chain.

Why We’re Here

We believe that everyone deserves to know what they’re buying and who they’re buying it from, and we’re using quantum engineered diamonds to make that a reality. Our Diamond Unclonable Secure Tag (DUST) allows companies to secure their physical products with unique identities. We’re committed to giving businesses the tools they need to build, and track, products that their customers can TRUST.
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Where We’ve Been

In 2011, co-founders Ophir Gaathon, Jonathan Hodges, and Dirk Englund met as 3 PhDs at Columbia University studying the quantum characteristics of diamonds. A few years later at MIT, DARPA approached them with a critical problem in supply chain security: trusted physical identity of high-value components didn’t exist. The team recognized that the quantum properties of microscopic diamonds made them uniquely suited for creating physical fingerprints for product and component traceability. In 2018, DUST Identity was born. With strong market traction, technical innovation, and support from industry leaders like Lockheed Martin, Airbus, and SAP, our story is just getting started.
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Where We’re Going

We are facing a global trust crisis. The problem is not limited to privacy and social networks –automobiles, airplanes, medical devices, electronics, and luxury goods have all been in the headlines for cybersecurity attacks, dangerous recalls, or false regulatory claims. The erosion of trust in corporate institutions puts companies under greater scrutiny from investors, employees, and customers. We are addressing that trust gap head-on, and we’re paving the way to a future with more transparency – will you join us?
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Get DUSTed

Implement DUST to enhance the integrity of your brand.

Why We’re Different

Trust is at the core of our company. Trust is the promise we’re fulfilling for our clients. All of our team members understand this value. We foster trust in our culture through transparency and candor.

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Team of Teams

Unity in mission. We may have separate roles but we’re all working towards the same goals.

Debate. Decide. Do.

Come together as a team to discuss projects. Move forward as a team to complete them.

Challenge Yourself & The Person Next to You

Encourage yourself and your teammates to walk the road less traveled if it is the road to success.

Understand the Stakes

We’re here to make buying decisions easier for everyone by putting trust back into global supply chains.

Advisory Board

Dirk Englund, PhD


Roy Solomon

CRO, Codility / DUST Identity Strategic Advisor

Edna Conway

VP & GM, Global Security, Risk & Compliance, Cloud Supply Chain, Microsoft Corporation / DUST Identity Advisory Board Member

Join Us

The DUST Identity team is a tenacious and diverse group working toward a common goal of empowering our customers to have visibility throughout their supply chains. In order to be successful, every team member and every individual’s role is of utmost importance. That’s why we’re only looking to hire the best.

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