The ultimate proof of trust for any product.

Redefine brand authenticity. Protect real-world objects. Unlock unique customer experiences.

A physical identity you can trust, now and forever.

There are certain things that are special and unique. There are athletes who stand out above others, moments in time that need to be captured, and things that matter more than most. At Dust Identity, we protect and connect every thing that matters securely and with high integrity - from playing fields to battlefields and everything in between.

Unlike other solutions, Dust Identity utilizes engineered diamond-dust to create object markers that are discreet, more durable, and clone-proof.

Each identity is tied to a digital record that grows over the lifespan of the object, giving brands, individuals and collectors substantially more insight, protection, and opportunity to capture and understand the full value of the products they produce and the objects they cherish.

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With true object identity, you can:

A pedigree built on protecting high-value objects.

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Why Dust?

More innovative, secure, and universally-applicable than all other identity solutions combined.

See How It Works

diamond-dust constellations


anywhere data access


security features


performance in harsh environments


implementation and management


pricing to scale


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Sports & Entertainment

From game-worn apparel to concert memorabilia, Dust Identity lets you maintain scarcity, sell items, and enable new ways to activate fans.

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Premium Retail

Verify source materials or combat counterfeits, all with a simple-to-scan diamond-dust tag that invisibly integrates into high-value goods.

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One-of-a-kind works deserve an equally unique identity solution. Dust Identity is your clone-proof signature, built to preserve the authenticity of your art.

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Supply Chain

You need to be able to verify that your cargo hasn't been compromised by knowing where it's been, and who has handled it. Dust Identity gives you visibility into your supply chain so actors can be held accountable.

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Aerospace & Defense

Missing or incorrect paperwork grounds assets. Dust Identity reduces manual data entry errors and puts reliable data in the hands of the right person when and where it's needed.

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Secure Electronics

The integrity of critical infrastructure needs to be tracked to the individual component. Dust Identity gives you the ability to track part provenance and detect tampering while in the field.


The key to protecting our digital economy and ensuring the integrity of the global value chain is to build a secure third-party ecosystem. Dust Identity’s solution can serve as a ‘birth certificate’ for hardware and complements value chain security solutions currently on the market.

Edna Conway, VP, Global Security, Risk & Compliance

With their innovative solution built using SAP HANA Cloud, Dust Identity is an example of the next-generation partner SAP is striving to attract – a company creating value around their own intellectual property with a truly innovative solution leveraging SAP technology. across its entire lifecycle.

Karl Fahrbach, Chief Partner Officer

Dust's technology provides an unrivaled level of protection against tampering while offering transparency into product use across its entire lifecycle.

Eugene Choi, Founder and CEO

Featured News & Insights

How Dust Aims to Secure Supply Chains using Diamond Nanoparticles

A look inside how Dust Identity's low-profile, unattributable markings are helping companies track the tiniest of components.

Mobius Energy forms Strategic Partnership with DUST Identity to Secure Battery Supply Chain and Enable Circular Economy

With DUST technology, Mobius is taking one step closer to helping electric aircraft manufacturers confidently and securely accelerate their transition to renewable energy sources.

Parker Aerospace and DUST Identity Launch Lockheed Martin F-35 Into Digital Space

Parker Aerospace, DUST Identity and Lockheed Martin are partnering to digitally fingerprint products to better track and trace product build, performance and service. The new technology creates a unique digital thread to enhance performance and increase supply chain security.

Dust Identity Gears Up For Growth With Expansion Of Executive Team & Board

The company adds significant operating and product leadership with supply chain expertise to meet increasing market demand for its Diamond Unclonable Security Tag (DUST) solutions.

Give your objects their own secure identity.

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