Oct 27, 2020

Framingham, MA, October 27, 2020DUST Identity, creators of the Diamond Unclonable Security Tag (DUST), today announced it was awarded a contract from Nimbis Services Inc. under the Vulnerability-Risk Assessment and Mitigation (V-RAM) program. The contract is part of a larger effort by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) to enhance the U.S. Government’s microelectronics supply chain through the Trusted Silicon Stratus (TSS).

The TSS cloud service supports the Office of the Secretary of Defense’s (OSD) microelectronics initiatives and is currently the only approved microelectronics cloud service for DoD work. Nimbis created the TSS to provide a trusted, multi-organizational, collaborative environment to advance the design, manufacture, and sustainment of microelectronics. DUST Identity will join other leading solution providers in the Trusted Silicon Stratus platform.

While initially focused on electronic design tools, the integration of the DUST solution into TSS points to a greater focus within the U.S. Government on supply chain security and product lifecycle traceability. DUST provides an unclonable identity layer to bind digital data to physical objects during the design, manufacturing and sustainment phases thereby securing the digital thread. Implementing the DUST solution enables stakeholders to greatly reduce cybersecurity risks by tracking microelectronic provenance from the earliest stages of product design.

“As Nimbis looked across the Microelectronics lifecycle at the tools and techniques emerging in the TSS marketplace, Nimbis recognized the need for secure post fabrication tracking and provenance technologies. DUST Identity offers an emerging capability for cloud-based supply chain security through a novel tagging methodology to enable real time authentication, location tracking, and provenance of microelectronics,” said Robert Graybill, President and CEO of Nimbis Services, Inc. “To ensure its use anywhere in the supply chain (e.g., point of manufacture, point of validation, etc.) this tagging solution is globally distributable, flexible, low cost and simple to apply.”

“We’re very excited to be selected by Nimbis and AFRL as one of the first supply chain solutions to be offered within TSS,” said Eric Sharret, Aerospace & Defense Lead, DUST Identity. “There are increasing risks and vulnerabilities associated with microelectronic supply chains. DUST was designed to address these changes in the threat environment and to allow organizations to meet upcoming supply chain compliance regulations. This new collaboration with Nimbis will add the critical ingredients of transparency and visibility throughout the electronics supply chain.”

More on DUST’s Technology

DUST Identity developed a solution that utilizes microscopic engineered diamond material that prevents non-genuine parts from entering the supply chain and provides full lifecycle visibility for genuine components. DUST leverages the inherent randomness in microscopic diamond crystals to provide a unique and unclonable physical-digital binding. An optical scanner and cloud-based infrastructure provide an interface to the object’s identity and provenance. DUST ensures that trusted data and verifiable products are used and traced across their full lifecycle.

About DUST Identity

DUST Identity is the creator of the Diamond Unclonable Security Tag (DUST), a technology utilizing engineered diamonds to create an unclonable identity layer on any object. DUST Identity is the supply chain solution that ensures that trusted data and verifiable products are used and traced across their full lifecycle. DUST Identity, established in 2018 and headquartered in Framingham, was created by a team of quantum physics, nanotechnology, and cyber experts. The company is an MIT spinoff, participated in several DARPA programs and is backed by Kleiner Perkins with participation from Airbus Ventures, Lockheed Martin Ventures, New Science Ventures, Angular Ventures, and Castle Island Ventures. Learn more via dustidentity.com and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Nimbis Services, Inc.

Nimbis Services (Nimbis), US-based, provides an e-commerce cloud product marketplace connecting communities for design, modeling, simulation, and analytics in the cloud. Nimbis develops and operates a secure Trusted Silicon Stratus (TSS), collaborative cloud platform and marketplace specifically supporting the trusted and assured microelectronics life-cycle for the DoD and Aerospace defense contractor community and is currently an approved microelectronics cloud platform. The TSS cloud software platform product addresses the cyber-security concerns of the DoD aerospace community by providing a secure environment for the development of electronic weapon systems tightly integrated with vulnerability, risk assessment and data provenance tracking tools such as block chain. TSS aerospace platform is targeting multiple security levels commercial, ITAR, ATO IL-2, FedRAMP IL-4, air gapped classified. . As a neutral cloud services broker, Nimbis’ capabilities provide secure cloud based communities of interest for libraries, APP workflows, IP and diverse data, uninhibited by existing IT silos or insufficient IT cloud expertise. Learn more about Nimbis Services via NimbisServices.com and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

DUST Identity Media Contact:

Nicole Canulla
Head of Marketing & Communications