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Make supply chain integrity a competitive advantage by harnessing the network effects of partnering with DUST. Locating, capturing and analyzing part- or component-level data is a steep challenge for today’s manufacturing organizations. Tracking dynamic activity in an extended supply chain and sharing it with ecosystem partners for smart decision making is even more difficult. Collaborate with DUST and our growing ecosystem of global partners to enable end-to-end traceability in your supply chain.
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Technology Partnerships

Leverage DUST’s APIs to integrate trusted physical identity into your software, allowing your customers to work more securely and with greater access to data.

Manufacturing Partnerships & Service Providers

Apply and read DUST with your equipment to provide traceability and part-level provenance as a value-added service for your customers.

Systems Integrators

Help organizations adopt and implement DUST as part of a larger supply chain security or digital transformation strategy.

3PLs & Packaging

Define a new service category for secure shipping and logistics and enhance the integrity of your brand.

With their innovative solution built using SAP HANA Cloud, DUST Identity is an example of the next-generation partner SAP is striving to attract—a company creating value around their own intellectual property with a truly innovative solution leveraging SAP technology.

Karl Fahrbach
Chief Partner Officer, SAP

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