DUST Identity ensures traceability, authenticity, and integrity of individual components and parts throughout supply chains. DUST customers have end-to-end visibility throughout their entire product’s lifecycle, with a secure solution that tracks at the single-item level.

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1 DUST Material

DUST, or Diamond Unclonable Security Tag, is a tamper-proof identity for physical items made out of quantum-engineered diamond nanocrystals embedded in high performance polymers.

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Unique & Unclonable

With 10^230 distinct IDs, each fingerprint of nanodiamonds is a unique identifier. Leveraging the inherent randomness of ensemble nanoscale systems, each DUST fingerprint cannot be reverse engineered.

Durable & Small

From the bottom of the ocean to orbit, DUST lasts for years in the harshest of environments. DUST can be applied at 0.0025mm^2, small enough to fingerprint individual resistors.

Cost Effective

High security at a low cost. Compared to existing identification methods, DUST is more cost efficient at less than $0.01 to apply at scale.

Adaptable Deployment

Streamline integration into existing manufacturing and logistics processes - at a global scale.

2 Scanner

Universal scanner to support global authentication and tracking of products, parts, components and packaging; it allows simple and secure access to digital records at the right place and the right time.


Real-time Authentication

Scans in milliseconds at the point where authentication matters.

Configurable / Customizable

Offering either handheld and portable or high throughput scanners, the device is customizable by shape and form, based on customer needs and required tag size.

Sleek and Durable

Field service compatible; rugged for tough conditions built within elegant packaging.

Agile with Flexible Deployment

With zero-day deployment, this device is quick to validate. It works with existing hardware and infrastructure – no setup required, no drivers required.

The key to protecting our digital economy and ensuring the integrity of the global value chain is to build a secure third-party ecosystem. DUST Identity’s solution can serve as a ‘birth certificate’ for hardware and complements value chain security solutions currently on the market.

Edna Conway
VP, Global Security, Risk & Compliance, Azure, MICROSOFT CORPORATION

The DUST scanner is used to read a nanodiamond label from a circuit board. A military member in army camoflouge attire holds out a large circuit board in an occupied electronic control room.

3 Software

Designed as identity management for physical objects to empower dynamic and flexible integration into your supply chain. Immutably captures full product lifecycle data and provides comprehensive visibility into a component's provenance.


Modular Architecture

Enhance existing processes with a smart platform that offers analytics, data management, business rules, QC and security modules.

Flexible Integration

The bridge to your supply chain management tools with built-in blockchain compatibility.


Define rules for access and control – from files to data, down to a specific asset.

Versatile Deployment Options

Supporting global cloud, private cloud, and on-prem implementations. Web browser compatible and no software installation required.

Enterprise-Grade Transparency

Customers own their data and empower visibility. They define the rules and policies – from files to data, at the single component level.

How DUST stacks up

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High Security
High Durablity
Low Cost
Quick to Authenticate
Small Footprint
Easy to Apply
Easy to Deploy
Blockchain Compatible
Detects Tampering
*Small segment of commercially available products do offer this benefit

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