Aerospace & Defense

Secure mission- and life-critical assets with the most demanding industry requirements.


Turbocharge your supply chain integrity and efficiency for agile manufacturing and precision recall.

Electronics & IT

Close the trust gap with a secure physical-digital binding for product integrity and data fidelity up and down the value chain.

Industrial & Infrastructure

Improve system reliability and asset utilization by regaining control over your part's supply chain.

Luxury & Collectibles

Protect your product value with diamonds. Demonstrate the authenticity and pedigree of items one at a time.

Use Cases

Additive Manufacturing

Forge the ultimate bridge to the digital twin. Validate the design files, qualify the manufacturing conditions, and track post-processing settings for every authorized part.

Logistics & Packaging

Enhance the security and auditability of your shipping and third-party logistics operations to drive accountability and mitigate supply chain risk.

Blockchain Interface

Connect immutable ledgers to real-world objects with an unclonable physical-digital binding. Make every transaction verifiable and trusted.

Secondary Markets

Gain visibility into the secondary market and participate in the reselling of authorized goods. Secure your brand value by creating a distinct differentiator between genuine products and fakes.

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