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Trusted Interface for Every Thing that Matters

We connect data to things securely.

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Real-world objects need identities.

Our material, hardware, and software create a more secure, durable, counterfeit-resistant identity and authentication platform trusted by organizations requiring the highest level of reassurance.

Our belief is simple –Trust comes from product transparency.


Random configuration of engineered diamond dust ensures unparalleled authentication


Frictionless application process capable of being concealed to the naked eye


Engineered to withstand the harshest conditions from sea to sky


Permission-based access to object data when and where you need it


Intercept deviations from original design

Air-Gapped Ready

Portable system designed for zero connectivity environments

Verified Identity Tags

Diamond Unclonable Security Tags (DUST) are a more secure way of giving physical objects, digital identities. From establishing authenticity the moment something is created to tracking an object throughout its lifecycle, our tags will give you the ability to recall that object’s life at any moment.

  • Unique & unclonable
  • Easy to apply
  • Military-grade durability
  • No change to product looks or function
  • Secure access to data
  • Cost-effective to apply at scale

Do you need secure tags to authenticate your products? Contact us to get started.

Reinforce Your Sustainability Initiatives

You and your customers care about how your products are made. Materials need to be ethically and sustainably sourced, and you need a way to show it. You need to hold partners in your value stream equally accountable and eliminate any bad actors.

Let us help you tell your sustainability story with data.

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Our solution is deployed in the most complex supply chains.

You deserve an opportunity to have the same reliable authentication solution protecting your products and value stream with ease and confidence.

Today, our solutions support Aerospace & Defense, Art, Collectibles, Part Suppliers, Reliable Chain of Custody, High-Value Goods, and Microfabrication.
Our Focus Areas
Aerospace & Defense
Reliable Chain of Custody
High-Value Goods

Not sure what makes sense for you? Contact us, and we will design a solution that meets your needs.

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