Dust Identity is the world’s most advanced authentication solution to protect, control, and monetize any real-world object.

Cracking Down on Illicit Trade - How New Solutions are Revolutionizing Retail Security and Customer Trust

Closing trust gaps is challenging, especially in sectors that rely on global supply chains. Establishing trust and clearly differentiating between good and bad actors in the ecosystem is essential. Many brands and retailers need help to develop effective strategies to regain control and embrace robust data-driven approaches. In Retail Today’s 2024 Security and Loss Prevention Edition, read how Dust is helping brands harness the true value of product transparency and authenticity to reinforce consumer confidence.

Dust Identity Offers Ultimate 'Proof of Trust' For Any Product

From fighter jet parts to sports memorabilia, this video highlights how a Massachusetts-based company born out of MIT is using diamond dust to protect the identity of physical objects.

Mad Arts Announces the First Dusted Museum

Mad Arts is the first museum to feature DUST Identity's solution, providing an unclonable, digitally linked fingerprint for each one-of-a-kind artwork. This cutting-edge technology, seamlessly integrated into every exhibit, establishes an invisible shield of protection that safeguards the authenticity and value of the artists' creations while enabling trusted experiences for everyone in the ecosystem, from the artist and suppliers to galleries and collectors.

Plugging Gaps in the IC Supply Chain

Multiple touch points in manufacturing and packaging are exposing gaps in the data used to track different components, making it difficult to identify the source of issues that can affect yield and reliability, and opening the door to counterfeit or sub-standard parts.

Authentication Startup Dust Identity Raises $40 Million to Get Into Sports

Dust's focus has been on the aerospace and defense sectors, but executives now hope to apply technology used for airplane parts to the robust resale markets for products like sports collectibles, sneakers and luxury handbags.

How Dust Aims to Secure Supply Chains using Diamond Nanoparticles

A look inside how Dust Identity's low-profile, unattributable markings are helping companies track the tiniest of components.

Mobius Energy forms Strategic Partnership with DUST Identity to Secure Battery Supply Chain and Enable Circular Economy

With DUST technology, Mobius is taking one step closer to helping electric aircraft manufacturers confidently and securely accelerate their transition to renewable energy sources.

Parker Aerospace and DUST Identity Launch Lockheed Martin F-35 Into Digital Space

Parker Aerospace, DUST Identity and Lockheed Martin are partnering to digitally fingerprint products to better track and trace product build, performance and service. The new technology creates a unique digital thread to enhance performance and increase supply chain security.

Dust Identity Gears Up For Growth With Expansion Of Executive Team & Board

The company adds significant operating and product leadership with supply chain expertise to meet increasing market demand for its Diamond Unclonable Security Tag (DUST) solutions.