Our Solutions

Protect the integrity of your brand with cutting-edge authentication technology.

Our material, hardware, and software create a more secure, durable, counterfeit-resistant identity and authentication platform for real-world objects trusted by organizations requiring the highest level of reassurance.

01 Product Authentication
02 Anchored Digital Thread
03 Immutable Ledger
04 Permission-Based Data Access


A tamper-proof physical mark made out of engineered diamond dust embedded in high-performance polymers with no impact on product fit, form, or function.


Handheld scanner that anchors a tag to an object and validates authenticity by reading the DUST fingerprint.


An identity management system for physical objects to immutably capture data across an object’s lifecycle and is capable of integrating into systems across your supply chain.

Rugged Ready

Designed for environments requiring maximum portability and security, the DUST-in-a-Box solution is the fastest way to protect the integrity of your mission-critical assets. This solution includes: tags, secure hardware, software, and a durable storage case.

  • Object verification when and where you need it
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Air gapped for no network connections

Our commitment to enabling product transparency is one reason why we are a market leader in product authentication. The integrity of our partners is what drives our innovative approach.

The key to protecting our digital economy and ensuring the integrity of the global value chain is to build a secure third-party ecosystem. DUST identity’s solution can serve as a ‘birth certificate’ for hardware and complements value chain security solutions currently on the market.

Edna Conway
VP, Global Security, Risk & Compliance, Azure, Microsoft Corporation

With their innovative solution built using SAP HANA Cloud, DUST Identity is an example of the next-generation partner SAP is striving to attract – a company creating value around their own intellectual property with a truly innovative solution leveraging SAP technology.

Karl Fahrbach
Chief Partner Officer, SAP

DUST's technology provides an unrivaled level of protection against tampering while offering transparency into product use across its entire lifecycle.

Eugene Choi
Founder and CEO, Mobius Energy Corporation

Implementing a digital thread [DUST] will connect every manufacturing function within Parker Aerospace and transform the way our business interacts with customers such as Lockheed Martin. The benefits to both organizations will be tangible, measurable, and significant.

Tracy Rice
VP, Technology and Innovation, Parker Aerospace

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